What's Included in my Home Inspection?

Your Home Inspection is more than just some guy poking around your home.  It is a thorough visual inspection by an InterNACHI trained and certified inspector.  It also includes a few perks that are given to you in a convenient Home Inspection Binder for future reference:


Home inspection report and home energy report(emailed)

Your thorough home inspection report includes a checklist of everything inspected, as per InterNACHI's Standards of Practice, and full color photos and descriptions of anything about which the inspector was concerned.  In addition to the home inspection report you will also get a home energy report which will provide a rough estimation of the energy cost for your home as well as helpful tips from the US Department of Energy on ways to reduce your energy consumption and rough savings for each measure. 


Permits pulled for your property

Prior to your inspection a report is run on your property as to the permits that have been pulled.  The list of permits is included in your inspection binder so you have the history of work that has been done. 


Home buyback guarantee

All eligible home buyers will have their inspection backed by InterNACHI's Home Buy Back Guarantee.  This provides peace of mind that the inspection will be done right and, if you find a problem within 90 days that the inspector missed but should have found and it would have prevented you from purchasing the home, InterNACHI will buy the home back from you at the original purchase price.  Just another way that Aljets Home Solutions makes sure your purchase is a little less stressful.


EPA Guides to Mold, Radon, and Lead based paint

We want you to be an informed citizen and have knowledge about three of the biggest environmental threats facing homeowners.  These guides are published by the EPA and we include themin your binder so you don't have to go looking for them.


Life Expectancy Chart

We include a life expectancy chart which lists out just about every possible component you will find in a typical home.  These estimates are assembled by the experts at InterNACHI and compiled into a comprehensive list so you can figure out whether you should consider whether you need to begin saving for replacements of certain items due to their age.  Just because it says something is past its expected life doesn't mean it will fail, but it is a great guide for budgeting.


Home Maintenance Manual

We include a helpful guide to home ownership that provides a wealth of information on how to maintain your home and what to watch out for.  It is provided as a thank you for using our services!


Ancillary Services offered

We want to make your home buying process a little easier so we offer additional services that can be added for a fee.  At this time we offer Radon Testing, Mold/Air Quality Testing, and Sewer Scoping services.  Call 719-310-3690 to talk to us about doing any of these services with your home inspection or standalone.